Christmas Markets

CHATSWORTH HOUSE   12/11/16 – 30/11/16  

YORK   17/11/16 – 23/12/16

BEVERLEY   11/12/16

Brrrrrr!  We had snow this week at Jam HQ.  Not much, hence the size of the snowman – or should that be snowboy – but enough to get us in the mood for the Christmas shows!

The great thing about spending so much time one-on-one with lots of customers at shows and food festivals is that we get some great feedback and honest opinions.  We try to make sure that we take it on board when it comes to new products so that we can approach Christmas with some great new gift ideas.

This year we’re more excited than ever as we’ve launched our Chilli Bombs, a range of 5 tubes containing 3 different jars that range from £14 to £30.  These have really hit the gift market spot we were so desperate to fill, and they’re currently flying out on the lead up to Christmas.  Our hand painted chocolates are a best seller too, with the Badvent Calendars selling like hot cakes…or should that be hot chocolates….

We’ve had lots of people asking where we’re going to be over the next few weeks, so we thought we’d fill you in!

Today we’re setting up at Chatsworth House for their amazing Christmas market which starts tomorrow (12th November) and runs every day until the 30th November.  This market is set in such a stunning location, if you’d thought of visiting it’s the perfect time to go.  Tickets for Christmas at Chatsworth are available here.

We’re also at the fantastic York Christmas Festival which runs from 17th November every day until the 23rd December.  This is a free event in the centre of York.  Events like the Ice Trail make this a truly enjoyable day out – and the late night shopping on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 8pm has a magical atmosphere.  Read more about this event here.

Finally we have the one day Beverley Festival of Christmas which is always a special day for us.  It’s our busiest day of the year, and yet 4 years ago we were both in the labour ward bringing our son Jamie into the world.  Not the best timing, but babies do have a way of coming when they’re ready!  Needless to say this show now has a special place in our heart.  It’s a brilliant day, very busy but a great atmosphere and lots of wonderful vintage costumes on display.  This year it’s on the 11th December.  To find out more follow this link.

Come and see us at one of these markets, keep the recipes and feedback coming, and warm up with some tasty samples – they’re HO – HO – HOT!!!