‘Chilli Christmas’ Personalised Chilli Jam 200g


Chilli jam just got personal…

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Treat a chilli lover to a personalised jar of Chilli Jam this Christmas – also available as a ‘Chilli Christmas’ Jam Box gift set here.

Choose from our three best selling Chilli Jams.  There’s ‘The Original’, a Great Taste Award winner and the medium strength chilli jam that started it all.  ‘Bhut Jolokia’ is a national multi-award winner with a real kick.  Then last but not least there’s ‘Hot Smoky’, our double Great Taste Award winner, with a fabulous smokehouse flavour.   Pop any of these sweet, spicy relishes next to a steak, stir a spoonful into a chilli, mix it into pasta or add it to a cheeseboard…. and enjoy!

Vegan friendly and gluten-free.

Please follow the links above for the ingredients and nutritional info of each Chilli Jam.