The rebrand has landed!

We’re very excited to launch our rebrand – and the big news is that all our Chilli Jams, dips and sauces are now veggie friendly!

We’ve also made the branding colour coded, so that it’s easier to tell which Chilli Jams are mild (green), medium (yellow) and hot (red).

For years customers had been getting in touch wanting more vegetarian options, and after months of tweaking the recipe we’re very proud to say that we’ve managed to take out the Thai fish sauce, while keeping the same great taste too.  This means that all our standard chilli jams and dipping jars are now vegan with the exclusion of Hot Chocolate Chilli Jam and Jamonnaise, which are vegetarian.  They are all gluten free too.

We hope you like the rebrand, and find the colour coding helpful.  You’ll also find some great offers coming up while we sell off the last remaining jars we have in the old labels – any fans of Lime Tickle can fill their boots now, with our old label stock available at 25% off!

Keep spreading the jam!