BBQ season is well under way

We love BBQ season – and it looks like our customers do too!

You can’t beat a Summer BBQ. Sunshine, great food, great friends – well maybe not so much the friend’s thing at the moment, but at least we can help with the food! Our Rib Tickler BBQ Sauces are our best-selling BBQ products. We’re also selling lots of our Louisiana and Carolina wing sauces, Squealers pork scratchings, Bhut Grinders – and of course our delicious chilli jams.

We’ve got different heat levels to suit all the family. We’d recommend some mild Yorkshire Wolds for the kid’s burgers and Rib Tickler Mild for their hot dogs. For the grown-ups, we’d definitely go for a good dollop of Simmering Smoky in the middle of a bubbling Camembert with lashings of fresh baguette for starters. For the main event, it’s normally ribs brushed with Rib Tickler BBQ sauce and slow-cooked for a few hours, alongside the usual burgers, sausages, chicken wings and salmon brushed with Gorgeous Garlic chilli jam.

We sell all our chilli jams and sauces in catering sizes, which work out as great value – they come in very handy for this time of year! Don’t forget it’s free delivery on orders over £30.