Tried and Tasted – We’re on TV!

Last Autumn we were approached by Maverick TV.  They were making a programme with Michel Roux Jr where products are blind taste tested, and wanted Simon to be one of their industry experts.  Within minutes Simon was on a Skype call with the researchers, discussing 3 different kinds of ham we fortunately had in the fridge!  They liked what they saw and invited us down to London for filming, for Simon to talk about what he thought of the products – and for me to be a blurry back of a head munching my way through plates of delicious food!

The day was great fun, along with Michel Roux Jr were other celebrities including Lucy Alexander, Stacey Stewart, William Sitwell and Fred Sirieix from Channel 4’s First Dates, who was as charming in real life as he is on the small screen.  We blind tasted plates of barbecue ribs, croissants and cups of tea and there were some surprising results.  The filming took a few hours, so we’re intrigued to see how this condenses into a 30 minute programme.

After filming Fred invited us to check out his fantastic restaurant, Galvin at Windows in Hilton Park Lane.  We were treated to a table with a stunning view and complimentary drinks, it was the perfect way to end a day to remember.

Our episode of ‘Tried and Tasted with Michel Roux Jr : The Ultimate Shopping List’ is on tonight, Channel 4 at 8pm.