Pulled Chicken (Rib Tickler)



4 chicken breasts

Rib Tickler of your choice

This must be one of the easiest and tastiest meals we’ve ever made.  After years of enjoying Pulled Pork, we came up with a very tasty alternative…our Easy Pulled Chicken!

I started with 650g of breasts in a slow cooker with 1/3 of a bottle of Rib Tickler sauce drizzled over, choose which sauce depending on just how cheeky you want your chook to be. We cooked this on a high setting for 2 1/2 hours. Then get 2 forks and pull it apart. Any juices in the pan will soak back in. Mix in another 1/3 of a bottle and serve with your choice of wraps, jacket potatoes, salad, coleslaw or whatever you fancy!

You can always do what we do at Chilli Jam HQ, Make it with Rib Tickler Mild so it’s family-friendly and then pimp portions up with Medium or Hot to taste.

Serves 2 adults and 3 hungry kids!