The Podfather Ultra Jam 200g


The first ‘Ultra Jam’ in the Signature Series.

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The first ‘Ultra Jam’ in the Signature Series. This is a very serious jar! I wanted to make Yorkshire Dragon hotter in a purely natural way, so I went go back to a full sized jar. I start with a layer of Bhut Jolokia flake, select 3 very ripe dried Bhut Jolokia pods, pour over boiling Yorkshire Dragon Chilli Jam, and cap with another layer of Bhut Jolokia flake. This will infuse and grow stronger in time and at some point, there are 3 whole Bhut Jolokia pods in there, re-hydrated in this seriously hot Ultra Jam!

Ingredients: Tomato, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Birds Eye Chillies (4%), Bhut Jolokia Flake (3%), Balsamic Vinegar. Poured over Bhut Jolokia Flake and Pods.

Hot-o-meter: Off the scale!

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Weight 500 g

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