* NEW * ‘Middle Aged Christmas’ Jam Box



Make somebody’s Christmas with an award-winning ‘magical’ gift set, to mask the bitter taste of alcohol, hot flushes and a mid-life crisis. Simply personalise a jar with your name of choice, then add two more jars to go in your custom-made gift box.

All our Chilli Jams are flexible, full of flavour and made using purely natural ingredients. Add a dollop to a steak or burger, add a spoonful to a chilli, mix it into pasta or spread it in a sandwich…. and enjoy!

For your personalised jar, choose between four of our Great Taste Award Winners:

Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam. Ideal for all the family as it’s full of flavour with just a tickle of heat. Great for sandwiches and wraps, cheese platters and pate. Heat level 2/10

The Original Chilli Jam. The one that started it all! Chilli, garlic and ginger, the mainstay of most South-East Asian cuisine. A must for every kitchen. Warm enough to spice up a soup, casserole or stir fry but still cool enough to have with your pate or cheese and biscuits. Heat level 5/10

Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam. This has won National Chilli Awards for ‘The Best Chilli Jam/Sweet Chilli Sauce’ and ‘The Best Extract Free Naga Sauce’. Hot yet versatile, it has great flavour-enhancing qualities and a slow but potent deep cooked-out heat. Fantastic to spice any plate of food up either after it’s cooked or at the start as an ingredient. Heat level 8/10

Hot Smoky Chilli Jam.  This contains the best Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) flake and Chipotle, giving a fabulous Smokehouse taste. Amazing mixed with mayo or melted cheese and makes the best sticky rib glaze. Heat level 8/10.

Choose two other jars from our award-winning range and you’ve got a tailor-made gift box that’s guaranteed to hit the spot.  Choose from mild (Mild Smoky, Yorkshire Wolds), medium (Gorgeous Garlic, Sweet Ginger, The Original, Simmering Smoky, Scotch Bonnet) and hot (Bhut Jolokia, Hot Smoky, The 3 Peaks).

You can also choose to add our Chilli Cranberry Sauce to the mix.

‘Middle Aged Christmas’ Chilli Jam is also available as a single jar here.

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Contains 3 x 200g jars.



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