Create Your Own Jam Box (One Ultra Jam)


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Want to make your Jam Box even more special?  You now have the option of choosing three jars from our full range – and this package contains one of our Ultra Jams in the middle of your gift set.

Our Ultra Jams contain layers of chilli flake, chilli jam and whole chilli pods, before being topped off with another layer of chilli flake.  Choose from ‘The Podfather’ (the big brother of Yorkshire Dragon – a gorgeous classic chilli, garlic and ginger), ‘Ginja Ninja’ (heaps of Ginger and szechuan pepper for an intensely sharp heat), and ‘The Carolina Reaper‘ (crafted from the world’s hottest chilli, our best-selling Ultra).

Choose two jars from our award-winning range and you’ve got a tailor-made gift box that’s guaranteed to hit the spot.  Choose from mild (Mild Smoky, Yorkshire Wolds), medium (Gorgeous Garlic, Sweet Ginger, The Original, Simmering Smoky, Scotch Bonnet) and hot (Bhut Jolokia, Hot Smoky, The 3 Peaks).

You can also choose to add our Chilli Cranberry Sauce.

This gift set is also available as a Create Your Own Jam Box with 2 Ultra Jams or 3 Ultra Jams.

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Contains 2 x Chilli Jams 200g and 1 x Ultra Jam 200g.



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